Monday, October 15, 2012

A Visit to Oak Knoll Fest XVII

The safest way to enjoy the fine press exhibition at the Oak Knoll Fest is to leave your wallet and checkbook behind. That way you can bask in the glow of beautifully conceived and produced books without risking foreclosure. And pick up ideas and tips in the process.
Herewith a few favorites.
The Caliban Press edition of The Tempest on hand-made paper, each act printed in a different style on a different type of paper.
The Tallis, a short piece written by Daniel Pinkwater, bound with a two-color woodcut.
Manayunk Bridge, Thomas Williams' collaboration with his wife Mary Agnes, featuring her pinhole camera images of that local landmark; and, of course, there's a deluxe edition enclosed in a meticulously constructed wood and glass case.
My one souvenir is a pamphlet-bound glossary of German bookseller's terms by Incline Press. Along with the sale, Graham Moss gave me a complete rundown on the book's background, including the life story of everyone involved in its compilation.
That's the fun of an event like this: it's full of people who are eager to share their passion.
Were you there? Please add your impressions in a comment.

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