Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Letterpress Education for the People

Anyone who’s seen the documentary Proceed and be Bold! knows who Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. is and what he’s about

Now he’s turning his art and energy toward setting up a printshop in Detroit MI called Detroit Printing Plant. Amos is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo to raise money for a building there and needs the help of members of the letterpress and book arts community. 

According to Proceed and be Bold!  producer/director Laura Zinger, the project’s goals are:
  • To teach letterpress printing,
  • To allow letterpress printers to develop and hone their craft,
  • To show letterpress printers how they can make a living from their craft,
  • To create a space for book manufacturing including book binding, making handmade paper, and printing, and
  • To bring manufacturing back to Detroit, MI via letterpress and book manufacturing.

To see it explained in Amos’ unique style, check out his Indiegogo campaign page: You’ll also find out about cool gifts for donors there. And as an extra bonus, Proceed and be Bold! will be available for free viewing during the campaign at

As Amos puts it, "It's not about being so big that you have to maintain your bigness, it's about being just big enough that your craft can maintain you."  That’s something we can all relate to and support.