Tuesday, July 6, 2010

B.Y.O.T.Y II Book Fair

Little Berlin is now accepting reservations for their 2nd B.Y.O.T.Y. Book Fair. Cost for a space is $20. And if you have no idea what B.Y.O.T.Y. stands for, it’s bring your own table, yo. Last year they saw some pretty interesting set-ups via blankets, crates, found wood, etc. and would like to keep the bring your own table spirit alive in correlation with make your own literature.

Last year they asked all participants to donate a book to help them start their new collection. For the second annual book fair at little berlin they want to make a book. All participants are asked to bring one or two or three or four (you get it, however many) sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 paper with whatever your heart desires to print, paint, glue onto them. At the start of the day they’ll collect the artwork and throughout the day they’ll bind a book.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th, 2010 noon-6pm

email: bethheinly@gmail.com to reserve a space.

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