Thursday, June 24, 2010

Opportunities in Our New Storefront!

Philadelphia Center for the Book's Arts On South Space is pleased to announce exciting member opportunities at our storefront, located at 626 South Street, Philadelphia, PA.

Our hours will be:
July 5 - August 14
12-8 pm Monday-Sunday

August 15 - September
12-8 pm Wednesday-Sunday

We are inviting all members to submit work to be included in the Member Exhibition, July 12-August 13, 2010. This exhibition will highlight member work within the PCB community and will be a great way to introduce the general public to PCB. Please consider donating your work for the exhibition opening's silent auction to ensure that we can keep extended open hours for showcasing your work, and to expand the range of events we can host in the space. Members can choose to donate exhibition work to the silent auction on the application form.

To submit work, please send 3-5 images of no more than 3 works to along with the application by July 5. All accepted works must be delivered (in person) to the storefront by July 10.

We are inviting all members to sell work in our store. The store area will showcase the broad range of talent within our membership and you are welcome to sell anything from books to T-shirts to prints and anything else made by your hand. There will be a price limit of $100 for anything sold in the store. Because member support and involvement is extremely important in this endeavor, we are asking that all work be sold on consignment at a percentage set by the artist between 25% and 50%. We are also asking that if you wish to sell in the store, you commit to volunteer for two 4 hour shifts during the 2.5 months we are open.

To submit work to sell in the store, please send 3 images along with a brief description of the type of work you would like to sell along with the consignment application to

What we are looking for:

* Cleaners, painters, carpenters to get the space ready
* Assistance in the gallery, store, and reading room, especially August 15 - September 15
* Assistance during events (exhibition receptions, film screenings, artist lectures)
* Instructors to teach free/low cost community workshops for children and adults
* Any other assistance you can provide to us

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Jessica Hoffman at

We are looking for generous donations and loans of the following furniture/materials for our Arts On South space.

Furniture (preferably available to us on loan):
* Long tables for workshops
* Folding chairs
* Loveseat
* Arm chairs
* Area rugs
* Fans
* Lighting for the gallery - clamp lights, spotlights, light stands, bulbs, etc.
* Digital projector for film screenings and artist lectures

Materials and supplies:
* Handling copies of artist books, zines, chapbooks, comics for the reading room
* Art books/magazines about book arts, printmaking, or art in general for the reading room
* Exhibition hanging supplies - drills, screwdrivers, hammers, etc.
* Supplies for community workshops - paper, scissors, crayons, pencils, paints, glue sticks, cutting mats, etc.

Please contact Jessica Hoffman at if you have any of the materials and/or furniture listed above.

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