Saturday, March 9, 2019

Tucson Festival of Books

Recently in Tucson for a family wedding, I stumbled into the Tucson Festival of Books at the University of Arizona campus. Sunny and warm there, while it was snowing back in Philly.

In addition to booths of local publishers and authors, the University library presented a series of panel discussions, as well as an exhibit from their special collection. A few examples that caught my eye:

Genesis 5: the Generations of Adam by Arne Wolf, Berkeley, 1995

Hobo Prints, Poetry by Joan O'Conner & Audrey McGinn, New York, 2008

Wrenching Times: Poems from Drum-taps by Walt Whitman, David Esslemont, & Gaylord Schanilec, Newton, Powys, Wales: Gregnog Press. 1991

Tucson is also the home of PaperWorks, an active collective of paper and book artists. Check them out at

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