Friday, May 3, 2013

Catching Up: PCB Artists' Working Group

[Note: Time has a way of getting away from us all. This is one of several blogs about PCB activities over the past few months. Better late than never.-ab]

March 17, 2013
  Three book artists climbed the picture-lined stairs of Susan Viguers' Germantown home to meet in her studio as the first Artists' Working Group. 
  Each of us had a half hour to share a project in progress. They were diverse: a series of wood prints based on a personal experience; journals using a number of binding methods; an experimental variation on the tunnel book structure; and a book consisting of a poem surrounded by commentary. 
  The discussion was lively and supportive. More experienced members were generous with technical insights, such as the best ways of binding with cloth. Different perspectives helped open us to new possibilities in our projects. For those of us who work in isolation, this  is a big boost.
  Many thanks to Susan for providing such a congenial setting!

  Our next Artists' Working Group will be on Saturday, May 25, 2013 at Noon. Check the PCB web site for more details and information on how to register--the deadline is May 10.

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