Saturday, March 9, 2013

Donna Globus Featured at Members & Friends Meeting

PCB President Karen Lightner hosted members and friends at Print and Picture Department of the Free Library of Philadelphia on Feb. 28.
The centerpiece was Constructed Narratives, an exhibit of books and prints by member Donna Globus (closes March 10). Susan Viguers presented her work, pointing out that the way book structure integrates with content reflects her architectural background.

Donna favors dual narratives. In "Sensitive Dependence," for example, the story of two people who meet and part is juxtaposed with excerpts from a scientific treatise, whose thesis the narrative illustrates. 
My personal favorite is "Before and After," a ball made of folded pieces. It tells one part of the story. You then toss it into the air, and comes apart. You then reassemble it to tell the second half of the tale. Tricky, ingenious, and puzzling on the surface; but there's more to it than that.

Karen also displayed some pieces from the library's collection of artists' books, including several colorful pieces by Paul Johnson, familiar to many members from several workshops he's held here in the last few years. 

For more information of Donna Globus and her work, see her web site:

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