Tuesday, February 19, 2013

American Bookbinders Museum needs help

The American Bookbinders Museum in San Francisco has suffered water damage, and needs immediate support. It's an important resource for documenting the history of the bookbinding industry in America.

I visited the museum last summer, and Tim James, the president, was very generous with his time and knowledge. It's well worth preserving.

Below are details on the situation and how you can help.

Museum must relocate to another San Francisco location - your help urgently needed now!

With the bursting of plumbing pipes above the museum ceiling three times during the past few weeks, we suffered our own "mini-Sandy" within the confines of the museum, threatening both the public display area as well as the library. 

Although we were spared what could have been the complete destruction of our library the plumber  was not optimistic about the safety of our museum from future flooding and damage. Therefore, the Board of directors has no recourse but to vacate the premises and immediately seek a new location.

We are in immediate need of a secure, dry, temperature controlled space within San Francisco to store  our collection of over 3000 books and periodicals, as well as space for 9 four drawer filing cabinets of binding and printing literature, several dozen boxes of paper samples, binding samples and other ephemera. Finally we need a storage space of approximately 750 sf with a loading dock, or a forklift, to store our collection of 19th century bookbinding equipment.  

Donations to defray what promises to be the substantial  cost of removal and storage would be graciously appreciated and can be made online byclicking here.

If you prefer to send a tax-deductible check,  please make the check out to The American Bookbinders Museum and send it to:

Bookbinders Museum Relief
The American Bookbinders Museum
c/o Taurus Bookbindery
2736 16 th street 
San Francisco, CA. 94110

For further questions I can be reached anytime  9:00 AM-9:00 PM PST at 415-710-9369  (Tim James)   or emailed at: Tim@Bookbindersmuseum.com

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