Friday, December 14, 2012

Pulp is the Word!

From November 7th through the 16th, the Harold F. Johnson Library at Hampshire College hosted an exhibition called Pulp to Pixels: Artists Books in the Digital Age.  This exhibition of artists books, curated by Andrea Dezs√∂, Steven Daiber and Meredith Broberg, is a celebration of both traditional, physical book construction and innovative digital books. Many of the artists featured in the show have created works that bridge the chasm between the analog and digital realms. 

Painting with Pulp, a 10-week class in making handmade paper art, will be offered Monday evenings at Fleisher Art Memorial this winter. Taught by PCB member Mary Tasillo, who is also a columnist for Hand Papermaking Newsletter, this course explore a range of techniques using pigmented pulp, including – layering, stenciling, and drawing imagery into your paper itself, and embedding found objects, drawings, and more. Learn papermaking using traditional Western sheet pulling techniques combined with contemporary artistic strategies. Fibers will range from cotton rag and abaca to recycled materials. Explore the ways hand papermaking can be used in your art, discuss ways to make paper in your home, and consider the potential for combining your handmade paper with other media. Use your own themes and imagery, experiment with color and layering, or just focus on creating beautiful sheets for use in your 2-D or 3-D work outside class. Registration closed soon at Images from previous classes can be seen at

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