Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cool Books on Book Arts

The Silent Scream 

The Silent Scream: Political and Social Comment in Books by Artists presents not 
only a companion catalogue to an exhibition held at the Monash University Rare 
Books Library, but also provides insights into 77 influential books and works presented 
in book form in the past 90 years. Monica Oppen and Peter Lyssiotis, both practicing 
artists, lend their unique perspective in the social content and the techniques 
behind the production of these books. 

The catalogue presents phases of books by artists in three sections with an additional 
category for those works that stand on the periphery of the blurred line defining 
"artists' books." The sections are organized chronologically beginning in 1918 and 
extending to today. Sections include "Across Two World Wars 1918-1950," "Cold War 
in a Nuclear Era: Alienation and Engagement 1960-1990," Imperialism, Fundamentalism, 
Democracy, Oil, and its Shadow," and "Along the Tangent: Books on the Edge." Beginning 
with essays by Walter Struve, Scott McQuire, Humphrey McQueen and Des Cowley, the 
sections serve to analyze each period's distinctive characteristics. 

In a field where few books cover such a wide range of work, The Silent Scream both 
educates and entertains through informed commentary. It focuses on a particular 
field of ideas: social and political, and on a particular area of book production: 
books made by artists. With over 200 color illustrations, this book is beautiful 
and formatted in an original style. 

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Multiple, Limited, Unique 

Multiple, Limited, Unique is the culmination of the three-year effort of the Center 
for Book Arts Collections Initiative. It offers an overview of the history and development 
of book arts over the past 40 years, and examines the role of the Center in both 
nurturing and promoting innovative artists and preserving traditional artistic 

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Fine & Dirty 

This book explores letterpress printing in the twenty-first century. By looking 
at recent developments in letterpress and examining art made by several influential 
artists, this catalogue shows many facets of fine press printing such as typography, 
book design, binding, and papermaking. It also examines the cause of the radical 
change in the letterpress medium and investigates the rebirth of letterpress printing 
as an art. 

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